Friday, October 14, 2011

We're Back!

I had the day off and finally am motivated to get this blog crackin!
Last post was almost a year ago when I talked about trying to get back into blogging-hmmm, that worked out, not.  I had this wonderful post all planned but then started playing with templates and layouts.  So now that Ayla's nap is coming to an end and Brett is on his way home my post is oh so short :)
We have had an amazing year!  Ayla is a smart, strong willed, energetic, creative 3 year old.  Playing make believe is Ayla's current favorite.  Disney princesses and any sort of scenario where she is the "mommy".  There is so so so much more to say about Ayla, but duty calls.
Clearly the biggest news is baby #2 on the way.  I will soon post prego pics of me at 20 weeks and baby BOY's ultrasound...

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